Minelab PRO‑ALLOY Gold Tester


The Easy Way To Test Gold & Platinum Jewelry. Measure the purity of rings, chains, watches and more.

Product Description

That’s the potential dilemma facing every successful detectorist – you may know a friendly reputable jeweller who pays ‘top dollar’ for your treasure finds, or do you take your chances at the nearest unknown pawn shop? While golden treasure may be instantly recognisable as soon as you uncover it, the gold karat purity rating could be anything from 9K to 24K and that dirty silver ring could even be platinum in disguise.

With the PRO‑ALLOY gold tester there’s no messing around with dangerous acids or having to scrape away a portion of your find and potentially damage its intrinsic value. Just place your item on the test plate, touch it with the attached probe, and determine its gold purity from the easy-to-read scale. PRO‑ALLOY is battery powered, so you can use it at home or take it detecting and cash in your finds on the way home.


Instant gold karat reading
Fast and accurate
Protective case included
Batteries included (1xAA)

Whats Included:

Test probe set
1 x AA battery
Protective meter cover
Soft carry case
Multi-language instructions

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs


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