1st Regiment Maryland Eastern Shore Infantry Civil War Pocket Watch

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Up for sale is this fantastic dug Pocket Watch. This pocket knife was recovered at the Camp of the Union 1st Regiment Eastern Shore Maryland Infantry. The watch is completely intact and measures 1 1/2″ in diameter.

History of the Union 1st Regiment Eastern Shore Maryland Infantry Unit

The regiment was commanded by Colonel James Wallace, a slaveowning lawyer and state legislator from Cambridge. Wallace would resign his commission in December of 1863 over the issue of arming African-Americans for the army.

The 1st Maryland Eastern Shore had been enlisted as a home guard regiment. When it was ordered to Baltimore to join the Army of the Potomac at the time of the Gettysburg campaign Company K, raised in strongly pro-southern Somerset and Worcester counties, reminded the government of their terms of service and refused to go. On July 2nd, as their comrades were taking positions on Culp’s Hill, sixty-seven members were disarmed, dishonorably discharged and given train fare back to Salisbury.

No better example of a Maryland caught between two sides occured than at Culp’s Hill, where the Union 1st Maryland Eastern Shore faced the Confederate 1st Maryland Battalion. Color Sergeant Robert Ross of the Union regiment was a cousin to Color Sergeant P.M. Moore of the Confederate battalion, who was wounded several times and captured by his neghbors.

Colonel Wallace of the Union 1st Maryland wrote, “The 1st Maryland Confederate Regiment met us and were cut to pieces. We sorrowfully gathered up many of our old friends and acquaintances and had them carefully and tenderly cared for.”


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