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Metal Detecting on Delmarva 2016

ChesapeakeTim's latest metal detecting finds on the Delmarva Peninsula for 2016.

Metal Detecting on Delmarva 2016

For the season being in the middle of January, it’s been pretty mild…yesterday was in the 50’s, clear and calm. That’s not too bad for us here on the Delmarva Peninsula. However, good thing I did get out yesterday because it snowed today.

Went and visited one of mine steadily producing sites. I say I hunted for about 3 hours on 300+ acres. I have a pretty good idea where the majority of the activity took place on this farm years ago. I happened to stumble across a section that I haven’t really paid much attention to.

Walking back to the Jeep, I hit a nice high tone. My first thought was a can, the signal was loud and clear. Turned out to be an over-stamped Matron Head (1816-1835), its pretty toasted..but the stamp is very clear.

Had a couple other interesting finds as well, such as (what I think is) a lead button. Take a look at it, I haven’t seen anything like it before…and the shank is still intact. Also a found was a small lead disk that was folded.

Shown below is the best of it yesterday. Not shown is the trash…I haven’t even begun to sort through that yet. Also found a bunch of broken pieces of bronze ship spikes. I was lucky enough to recover 2 unbroken spikes yesterday too.

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