Researching Areas To Metal Detecting Pays Off

Here in the Ottawa Valley, eastern Ontario, it gets cold early in the fall, and spring comes late. We were well into November when my main hunting partner, Bill Hamilton, got a breakthrough on some ongoing research we both do on old sites. Two years earlier, while interviewing an old-timer from the area in regards to two treasure tales – one about some gold coins which had been found in a basement, and the other about a settler who allegedly buried her money in her garden – it was mentioned, “…we used to dance back in the field…” What field? Bill didn’t ask. As fortune would have it, he happened to be in the same area this past summer when another neighbor said, “There were dances held years ago up on the hill.” This time it clicked, and with the aid of late-1800’s maps and a trip back to ...

Retired Fisherman Recovers Lost Treasure on Local Beaches

After a day on the beach, your spouse looks at you and says, “I lost my wedding ring.” She slumps over, realizing that her expensive, one-of-a-kind, 1-carat diamond is gone forever because the chance of finding that ring on a crowded beach in the sand is next to impossible. Who are you going to call? Larry Royal, 65, of Arroyo Grande, a retired commercial fisherman and equipment operator who now hunts for lost treasure. Seven years ago, Royal’s wife died. After her loss and numerous surgeries, Royal couldn’t move from his couch. His doctor told him unless he improved his health and got up, he was going to die. That’s when he made the life-changing choice to dust off the metal detector and head to the beach. Since then, the longtime resident has lost 100 pounds...

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